Creative Birthday Party Ideas

June 29, 2015 Megan Stoeckel
  1. Go Club Hopping

If you want to go out and you want to go big, the club scene is the way to go. Dance the night away on your special day. This idea is also perfect for if you want to go out the night before your birthday and usher in your birthday at midnight. If you’re worried about clubs charging covers at the door, you can call the venues ahead of time and see if you can get on their guest list or receive some sort of discount for it being your birthday.


  1. Throw a Throwback

What’s your age? Who cares! Make your birthday the envy on any 12 year old. Whether you’re turning 20 or 30, fill your birthday party with all your childhood favorites that are definitely still way cool. We’re talking about slip ‘n slides and bounce houses here, maybe a piñata too. Channel your inner child to make your day a little bit nostalgic and a lot of bit awesome.


  1. Get on Stage

Check through your local concert listings and see if there’s anything playing on your birthday. Make a sign mentioning it’s your birthday and that you want to come on stage. Examples:


“Can I stage dive? It’s my birthday!”

“Bring me on stage! It’s my birthday!”


Make sure to get as close to the stage as possible. Hopefully you’ll be able to make your rockstar dreams come true! Worst-case scenario you’ll get a shout out from one of your favorite bands!


  1. The Good Old Fashioned Rager

If you have access to a house, the bigger the better, then this tried and true party idea is surely on the table. Tell friends to invite their friends and for them to invite their friends. We’re talking huge here. Beer pong and kegs are surely mandatory. Make your birthday a night that you as well as everyone else will surely remember.


  1. Go State Hopping

Road trip! Gather your best friends and hit the pedal to the metal. Now, this idea depends entirely on where you live. But if it’s obtainable, the goal is to hit as many states as you can within 24 hours. You can also make a destination of it. Stop in each state and have a birthday drink as a seal of accomplishment (and designate a driver of course). Live in New Jersey? Hit New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts and end in Boston. Venture on and do a sweep of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont if you’re feeling ambitious. Most people can’t say they’ve been in eight states in one day can they!?


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