Best Nightclubs in New York City for Girls Night Out

July 7, 2015 Megan Stoeckel

The weekends are the time you look forward to all week, to let loose with your girls, dress up, and be seen at the hottest nightclubs in the city. With so many events happening and countless New York City clubs to choose from- how do you decide which place is going to be the best? It may help to narrow down the neighborhood you want to go to or vibe you and your girls are into, but there are still tons of clubs to choose from! Thats why we’ve come up with our five favorite nightclubs in New York City for a girls night out for you to choose from.


The Griffin, located at 50 Gansevoort, is a celebrity hotspot and dapper crowd filled space, that is ideal crowd for your fancy girls night out. The layout features 25 low hanging crystal chandeliers, velvet decor, bottle-service, and amazing cocktails. This is a hot spot for dancing and sure to be the perfect location for a wild girls night out with friends.

1OAK, is exactly what the name evokes: a One Of A Kind venue. Here you will enjoy the feeling of V.I.P the second you step inside the door. Reserve a table and a guest list, to avoid the long line. Here you will undoubtedly find the most exciting scene of people and music by world-renown DJ’s. Having turned into a national scene, take your night to the flagship venue on 453 W 17th Street in Chelsea. Perfect for your crowd of ladies to enjoy a late night spot in a glamorous location.

 The Empire Hotel Rooftop, on the twelfth floor of the iconic luxury hotel, this rooftop is a plush space with unreal views of the city skyline and an open indoor/outdoor seating. This is perfect for a casual girls night out party, where seating is first come, first serve. Here you can kick back and relax and enjoy the view for a relaxing evening listening to mixture of hip-hop and house. Perfect for an afterwork meet-up spot to catch up and unwind with your ladies, late into the night.

Up&Down, is a chic spot where you’re likely to spot the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce, Rihanna, and NYC socialites. With multiple bi-level dance-floors and a fantastic sound system, this is a great place to book in advance a girls night out that will make an impressionable night out! Located at 244 West 14th St., this is a hot spot, so be sure to book a table reservation with us.


Regardless of where you choose to celebrate, round up your girls, put on your cutest party dresses, and dance the night away. That’s what girls night is all about after all!



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