5 Original Birthday Party Themes to Wow Your Guests

April 30, 2015 Megan Stoeckel

Planning parties, year after year, can definitely get tiresome, especially if you’re the type that likes to top the last one. But there are so many ways to make a birthday party NYC into a bash that will live on in infamy. Here are a few original party themes that are sure to wow your guests and make for a truly fabulous birthday.

1. Murder mystery.

There are plenty of companies that will plan and execute (pardon the pun) murder mysteries for parties. Or you can buy one in a box. Either way, pick a posh restaurant, secure a private room, make all your friends dress to the nines, and then commence with your dinner, with a side of death. Everyone can play a fun character for the night while they try to determine whodunit.

2. 80s prom.

Throwbacks are always a blast, whether you actually lived through the era in question or not. And the age of excess offers up some true gems for a theme party, from outrageous bouffants, tiered dresses, and lace fingerless gloves to hair metal and candy buffets featuring Pop Rocks, Skittles, and Reese’s Pieces. You could even rent full-size arcade games, and you’ll definitely want a photo booth to capture the truly heinous and totally rad prom outfits your guests put together. If you’re looking for 21st birthday party ideas New York, this is one your friends won’t soon forget.

3. Mardi Gras.

Take a masquerade ball to the next level with Mardi Gras style, including harlequin designs and over-the-top masks for all of your guests. You might want to skip the “girls gone wild” antics and simply hand out beads, but you can certainly get the bubbly flowing, turn up the beat on some down-south party tunes, and dance like it’s Fat Tuesday.

4. Casino night.

You may not be James Bond, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play the super spy on your birthday by bringing a little Monte Carlo to your party. Set up felt tables, hire some dealers, hand out chips, and serve martinis (shaken, not stirred). And don’t forget the black tie attire.

5. Death at a funeral.

It may sound kind of morbid, but so is getting older. And if you’re feeling down and looking for unique 30th birthday party ideas in New York, what better way to pick up your spirits than to plan and attend your own funeral? Throw yourself a traditional Irish wake, complete with whiskey, a Celtic punk band, and a mic to pass around so everyone can tell humorous and loving stories about your life. You could even go over the top with a rental casket (yes, it exists) to use as a buffet.

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