Winter Birthdays—Don’t Let the Cold Stop You from Celebrating!

February 23, 2015 Megan Stoeckel

Just because your birthday falls on a chilly winter month, doesn’t mean you should put the festivities on hold. It’s your special day and you deserve to celebrate! Although New York City may sometimes seem unbearable in the wintertime, there are endless options for you to enjoy a night on the town and stay warm at the same time!

If you’re a sucker for a beautiful view, check out one of the many enclosed rooftops NYC has to offer. Some of our favorites include PHD lounge in the Meatpacking District, the Gansevoort Park Rooftop in Midtown, and Upstairs, also in Midtown. PHD lounge, located at 355 W 16th Street, is a phenomenal penthouse offers a panoramic view of The Empire State Building and the Manhattan skyline. Between the stiff drinks and DJs spinning the latest hits, you’ll be dancing the night away and forgetting all about the cold outside. Gansevoort Park Rooftop, located at 420 Park Avenue South, sits twenty stories above Manhattan giving guests a breathtaking view. With an enclosed wrap around terrace and multiple fireplaces, this rooftop offers a warm oasis amidst a chilly winter night. An evening at Upstairs, located at 145 E 50th Street, is like no other. With striking views of Midtown Manhattan and the Chrysler Building, delicious food and specialty cocktails, and heated floors to dance on, you will create unforgettable memories and pay no attention to the fact that it’s 4 degrees outside!

Once you arrive at your destination, grab a cocktail and warm up! If you want to take the chill off as quickly as possible grab something spicy!  Our go to places for a delicious and spicy cocktail are The W New York (1567 Broadway), The Refinery Hotel Rooftop (63 W. 38th St.), and Pulqueria Bar and Restaurant (11 Doyers St). If you love spicy, you’re not going to want to pass up the “Baby It’s Chili Outside” at The W. This spicy drink features mezcal and hot pepper. Our favorite hot drink at The Refinery Rooftop is the “Spiced Hot Apple Jerry”, which blends Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Granny Smith apple slices and classic cider mulled with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar and butter—an amazing treat that’s sure to warm you up. Last but not least is the “Negroni Mexicano” from Pulqueria Bar and Restaurant. This twist on a classic Negroni stirs in Patrón XO Café, incendio chile chocolate liqueur, Mexican arbol chiles, Criollo chocolate and Patron Silver.

And don’t forget, Just because its cold doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. It’s your special day after all, so put on your cutest party dress and flashiest heels! Grab a giant coat to keep you warm while you head to the party then check it at the door! Happy Birthday, Winter Babies! Celebrate in style this cold winter season!

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